Role of body fat for a healthy pregnancyA woman’s fertility is influenced by a number of physical and lifestyle factors. Body fat is one of them; both women with too much or too little of it are at high risk of female infertility and pregnancy-related complications. It is, thus, important to understand the role of body fat in getting pregnant and sustaining it. Women planning conception in the near future also need to know the ideal level they should have to up their chances of a healthy pregnancy. Here is what IVF doctor in Delhi have to say.

Body Fat and Fertility:

Though we live in a weight-obsessed society, body fat is one thing we cannot ignore when it comes to fertility. These cells (adipocytes) play a key role in the synthesis of estrogen, the primary female reproductive hormone. Estrogen is responsible for a number of reproductive processes, including regulating the menstrual cycle. Therefore, women with low levels are more likely to come across menstrual irregularities due to estrogen-imbalance. The problem is worse when the woman menstruates every month but does not ovulate regularly. The reason is that it may go undetected and untreated until it is too late. Women fail to check with IVF centre in Delhi as they believe that they are absolutely normal.

At the same time, too much of it also has a negative impact on a woman’s fertility. It translates into high levels of estrogen, which is again responsible for female infertility issues. Excessive fat storage causes insensitivity to the hormone insulin, which leads to overproduction of another hormone, leptin. The imbalance of these hormones disrupts ovulation and interferes with a woman’s ability to conceive.

Body Fat and Pregnancy: All that infertility doctors in Delhi tell

The role of body fat is equally vital for sustaining a healthy pregnancy. A woman with low level is at high risk of several complications, such as miscarriage during the first trimester. Weight gain is imperative for the health of the mother and the baby. Infertility clinics in Delhi suggest that an underweight woman should gain at least 5-6 pounds during the first trimester of the pregnancy. The recommended weight gain for an average woman, on the other hand, is just 3 pounds.

High body fat is equally detrimental for pregnant mothers. An obese mother-to-be may encounter a series of complications, some of which are life-threatening. High level of fat is associated with an elevated risk of gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension. It is difficult for the infertility doctors in Delhi to gauge the baby’s size and monitor its heartbeat because of excessive fat deposits. The complications extend to childbirth too, with vaginal delivery being dangerous for such women. The reason is that excess body fat elevates the risk of post-partum hemorrhage.

Ideal Body Fat Levels for Fertility and Pregnancy

The significance of the right body fat levels for fertility and healthy pregnancy cannot be overlooked. Infertility clinics in Delhi regard its percentage as a major influence on a woman’s ability to conceive. Women athletes have an excellent fitness level, with a high percentage of muscle but low percentage of fat. However, they are most likely to come across infertility issues as their body fat percentage is below the average.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is the parameter used to calculate the ideal fat level for women planning a pregnancy. BMI is estimated using the body weight and body height and putting them in a formula (there are calculators available on the internet). The infertility clinics in Delhi regard 18-24 as the ideal BMI for a woman planning conception. This is the optimum level that facilitates conception and sustenance of a healthy pregnancy.

Anything out of this range is regarded to be in the “non-fertility” zone. Even if she does get pregnant, there are chances of facing serious complications during the pregnancy. A woman falling in this zone should work on rectifying it so that she may conceive easily and have a healthy pregnancy too. The best way to proceed is to see the best of the infertility doctors in Delhi and seek her advice on this. She may refer the patient to a dietician who can help her normalize the BMI and improve her chances. Certain healthy lifestyle choices will also help. It is important to limit stress as it does more harm than good.

Eating Healthy Fat Is Important!

Fat is a nutrient which most women would like to eliminate from their diet. But this nutrient happens to be underestimated from the fertility point of view. It is practically impossible to have a healthy pregnancy without optimal levels of body fat. But it is important for the pre-conception and pregnancy diet to be packed with the right kind. Infertility clinics in Delhi suggest that the right kind of fat is healthy fat, which comes from organic and unprocessed sources. These include seeds and nuts, avocados, olive oil and low-mercury fish. Full-fat dairy products are also rich in healthy kind of fat. Conversely, infertility doctors in Delhi recommend that processed fats such as hydrogenated oils and trans-fats are to be completely avoided. A woman should also consider the right quantity as too much of even healthy fat can be unhealthy. Eating healthy fat is the best thing that a mother can do to give her baby the right start in life.

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