There are several factors that might contribute to missing periods without getting pregnant. Every 28 days, on average, a female human experiences ovulation in which eggs are produced to be fertilized. If the eggs of the females are not fertilized by male sperm, in the next 14 days, the female experiences menstruation.

The missing periods might look like a sign of pregnancy. However, that is not always the case. There are various reasons why one might experience a late period with a negative pregnancy test.

Late period symptoms like not getting a period in 3months might mean the patient is suffering from amenorrhea. This happens in 3-4% of women when the ovaries stop making enough estrogen.

Let’s have a look at the reasons that might contribute to this phenomenon. 

  1. Changes in Weight – Change in weight can cause an imbalance in the hormone levels of a female which might lead to low production of estrogen. This can cause the female to not menstruate or late period with negative pregnancy test.
  1. Increase in Stress Levels – Increase in stress level or lifestyle affects the brain and affects the signals sent by the brain in the production of estrogen as well as eggs and maintenance of the menstrual cycle. This can be the reason behind the late period symptoms you might be facing.
  1. Excessive Exercising or Physical Activity – Excessive exercising or physical activities might lead to decreased body fats, and this might lead to amenorrhea leading to irregular periods.
  1. Excess production of Prolactin – Prolactin is a hormone that decreases or stops the chances of having regular periods. This hormone secretes mainly when a woman is breastfeeding. Milky discharge from the nipples can be a sign of excess production of prolactin. This should be immediately treated by the doctors.
  1. Thyroid Problems – Underactive or overactive thyroid hormone, Hypothyroidism can be among the late period causes. There are several symptoms along with irregular periods, which might indicate an unhealthy thyroid. Some of them are hair loss, weight loss, weight gain, or feeling extreme temperatures at all times.
  1. PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – 10% of women of the childbearing age experience polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. This might be the reason behind late periods with negative pregnancy test. This condition is a result of a hormonal imbalance in which ovaries get enlarged, and cysts are formed in the body. Signs of PCOS include irregular or no periods, heavy or very little bleeding, patches or marks on the face, obesity, excessive hair growth on back or thighs, hair thinning And difficulty getting pregnant.
  1. Eating Disorder – Eating disorders like anorexia can lead to low body fat, which hinders ovulation and thus lead to irregular periods. Uterus linings might also get affected by this phenomenon.
  1. Pre Menopausal Symptoms – Women enter the age of menopause around their 50s. However, there is a transition period before menopause, which is called Pre-menopause. In this condition, menstruation is irregular and might be a cause behind irregular periods without pregnancy.

Above are the reasons which might be the reason behind missing periods without getting pregnant.