Natural conception involves fertilization of eggs by sperms, a process facilitated by sexual intercourse. Simple as it sounds, it may not happen easily for all. There are couples who come across serious male and female infertility issues. Many have to rely on IVF clinics in Delhi to start a family of their own. On the other hand, a few of them might have to do it just to handle issues as simple as premature ejaculation (PE). PE refers to uncontrolled ejaculation that comes before or very soon after ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is as much a behavioral issue as it is a physical one. Most men tend to overlook it as it brings frustration and embarrassment. But the truth is that it should be treated in time before it affects relationships or causes conception-related problems. The impact of premature ejaculation on male fertility is a subjective issue. The condition has to be clearly understood before dealing with its long-term implications. Here are some facts that infertility specialists in Delhi have to share.

Premature Ejaculation- Causes and Resolution

PE is spontaneous, happening without an intention. For this reason, it has a negative influence on the quality of life and relationships, with one or both being sexually dissatisfied. One of the most common sexual dysfunctions in men, it affects almost 30% of the male population. Moreover, infertility clinics in Delhi tell that almost every male encounters it at some point in time. The key lies in identifying the condition, whether it is a passing phase or happens regularly. Once a man is sure that he is suffering from PE, he must not delay treatment. IVF specialists in Delhi have to be consulted to diagnose the exact cause leading up to the condition.

The most common causes of premature ejaculation are as follows:

  • Age: Men who are either too young or too old are susceptible to uncontrolled sexual behavior. Young males tend to respond to minimal stimulation and ejaculate too soon. Conversely, older ones ejaculate prematurely because of underlying medical complications such as diabetes or hypertension.
  • Psychological Causes: A majority of cases of PE is attributed to psychological causes such as guilt, anxiety, and depression. There could be a cause-effect relationship as the man may feel guilty about not being able to satisfy his partner. Also, there could be the fear of the social stigma that could be affecting his performance.
  • Relationship Issues: Sometimes relationship problems may be leading up to premature ejaculation. Such a person usually has a normal sexual life prior to the current relationship. But problems with the existing partner have him encounter secondary PE.
  • Side Effects of Certain Medications: Another reason why a man fails to hold himself is the side effect of certain medications. Chronic health issues such as diabetes have an impact on his sexual ability too.
  • Other Problems: Infertility specialists in Delhi hold hormonal dysfunction responsible for this condition too. It could also happen due to a penile injury, inflammation of the urethra or prostate, heightened sensitivity or abnormal reflex of the ejaculatory system.

Premature ejaculation can occur due to one or more of these factors. This is the reason why this seemingly simple issue is tough to diagnose.  Right diagnosis and timely treatment from one of the reputed infertility clinics in Delhi can, however, resolve it for good.

Repeated instances of PE warrant medical attention. The doctor usually begins with a physical examination along with a series of questions for evaluating the condition. Following this, he may prescribe certain tests to diagnose underlying issues. The infertility specialists in Delhi suggest the line of treatment on the basis of diagnosis:

  • Premature ejaculation is self-resolving in a majority of cases. Most males come across it once in a while and may feel anxious and nervous about it. Counseling can go a long way in tackling such cases where psychological factors are the underlying cause. Practicing relaxation techniques and distraction methods also help.
  • The infertility clinics in Delhi may recommend the start-stop technique to treat the problem naturally. It is a physical exercise that involves controlling the timing of ejaculation till an optimal time is achieved. Regular practice usually offers a solution.
  • Over-the-counter medications such as topical anesthetic creams can be helpful for reducing the sensitivity and delaying ejaculation.
  • The issue can be addressed with the use of certain anti-depressant medications which are effective for treating PE.

Impact of Premature Ejaculation on Male Fertility:

Premature ejaculation tends to affect the quality of the sex life of the couple. Though there is no direct obstruction to pregnancy, the female partner might not conceive because the male ejaculates before penetration. PE does not functionally affect male fertility as long as the sperm count and sperm quality are good enough. For this reason, the infertility specialists in Delhi first suggest testing the semen before beginning the treatment (hyperlink with the blog on male semen testing).

Men with normal sperm quality can wait till the problem is resolved. On the other hand, assisted techniques such as IVF, IUI, and ICSI come to the rescue for those who want to conceive sooner. Couples with women of advanced maternal age should go for the latter instead of postponing pregnancy till later. Though PE is an embarrassing problem, men should not avoid taking medical advice from infertility clinics in Delhi. Timely treatment does not only bring about the resolution but also helps them experience the joy of parenthood.

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