Pregnancy during Pre menopause: Possible or not?

Menopause does not happen overnight. It is preceded by a phase that can last a few years: it is pre menopause, which can be marked by a series of warning signs. What are they and are there ways to relieve them? Let’s find them out.

According to the IVF centres in India, pre menopause occurs around 45 years of age and can last anywhere from three to five years on an average. It is an obligatory passage and quite normal before the menopause: it means the progressive stopage of the activity of the organs of reproduction.

In some women, there is no visible sign of pre menopause. In others, it can be manifested by a series of symptoms, which inevitably remind us of menopause:

  • The cycles, usually regular, are longer or, on the contrary, shorter.
  • Rule delays are more frequent.
  • They may be accompanied by hot flashes, night sweats, and sensations of swelling in the breasts or in the body as a whole. Not to mention mood swings or sleep problems.
  • Hormonal changes, especially variations in progesterone and estrogen levels

Treatment for Pre menopause:

The best IVF clinic in Delhi consider that the medical treatment in the case of pre menopause is not systematic. However, it can be considered if the symptoms are difficult to bear daily, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. If the discomfort exceeds, he may prescribe progesterone tablets to take a few days a month.

Pre menopause: what are the consequences of fertility?

During the pre-menopausal phase, pregnancy is definitely possible even if the chances of getting pregnant are gradually decreasing. As long as the menopause is not really there, the reproductive organs continue to function, and the woman continues to produce sex hormones. This is a good sign and also an alarm that you should take more care of yourself.

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