Nature has blessed women with the boon of motherhood, the ability to create a new life and bring it to the world. The nine month period of pregnancy is the most ecstatic one in a woman’s life span, when she experiences the joy of her baby moving and growing inside her womb. But it may not be smooth sail for all, as some women come across alarming complications during pregnancy.

Pregnancy complications may range from easily manageable ones like morning sickness to others as life-threatening as preeclampsia. Depending upon the complexity of symptoms a woman experiences, she can look for respite at home or go for medical aid when things seem serious. It is essential to be aware so that help may be availed in time for the well-being of the mother and the baby. Here are some  related pregnancy complications that every woman needs to know about.

Vaginal Bleeding during Pregnancy

Vaginal bleeding or spotting is a symptom that many women come across during pregnancy; most of the time, heavy bleeding signifies the risk of miscarriage if it happens early in the pregnancy and is accompanied by abdominal cramping. However, light spotting does not necessarily indicate miscarriage and it can be confirmed using an ultrasound scan. Ectopic pregnancy may be another implication of vaginal bleeding; it happens when a fertilized egg implants itself in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus and has to be removed immediately to save the life of the woman. Bleeding along with abdominal pain in the third trimester indicates placental abruption, which may lead to premature labor.

Whether bleeding is heavy or light, it needs to be taken seriously during pregnancy. The woman must visit her gynecologist immediately and get herself checked to rule out the possibility of miscarriage or early labor.

Gestational Hypertension and Preeclampsia

Hypertension is a pregnancy complications which several women can come across. Pregnancy induced high blood pressure can result in a serious condition called preeclampsia, which is characterized by symptoms such as severe headache, visual disturbance, abdominal pain and swelling of hands, feet and face. It is a fatal condition which causes serious complications such as protein in the urine, kidney/liver damage of the woman, premature birth and even, death of the baby.

Preeclampsia can be prevented by managing hypertension right from the early pregnancy. The gynecologist can recommend some dietary and lifestyle changes to keep the blood pressure within limits. Others may be given a light medication. However, if the condition worsens in the third trimester, the woman may be induced for early labor to save her life and also that of the infant.

Gestational Diabetes

Just as some healthy women develop high blood pressure during pregnancy, others may encounter gestational diabetes, a condition which leads to shooting up of blood sugar levels. A routine glucose screening is prescribed at 24-28 weeks of the gestation to detect any abnormality in blood sugar and treat this potentially dangerous condition in time. Pregnancy complications such as premature delivery, preeclampsia, difficult delivery because of a big baby and low blood sugar/jaundice/breathing problems in the baby are possible for women suffering from gestational diabetes.

For such women, close monitoring is needed to check the blood sugar levels during the pregnancy. While insulin therapy remains the only option for extreme cases, healthy diet and active lifestyle can resolve the problem for many and they can deliver healthy babies despite the condition.

Premature Labor

Another serious pregnancy complication that can plague a woman early in the third trimester is that of premature labor, when she experiences symptoms such as abdominal pain and contractions. The labor may be false if the contractions remain non-rhythmic and fail to increase in intensity and rest and hydration can be enough for relief; however, if they come closer and regular, it is time to see the gynecologist. Another symptom of preterm labor is the rupture of membranes (more simply, breaking of water), which again has to be taken seriously.

A gynecologist will first try to stop the labor to prevent premature birth because a premature baby can suffer from a number of health issues such as low birth weight and breathing problems. If it is not possible, an emergency delivery is required and the baby is to be kept in special care for some time.

Placenta Previa

Placenta previa is a condition characterized by the placenta placed unusually low in the uterus, right next to the cervix or even covering it. This is a serious complication of late pregnancy and can lead to bleeding and the woman may even have to deliver prematurely, mostly by a C-section. Regular ultrasound scans during pregnancy are used to detect any abnormality in the positioning of the placenta.

The condition is quite rare, but is a serious one. The doctor opts for a Cesarean delivery to take care of this complication.

Severe Nausea and Vomiting

While bouts of morning sickness are quite common for women during the first trimester, the symptoms like nausea and vomiting may take extreme form for some. Dehydration and weight loss can be the result and the woman may require intensive treatment as the health of the baby may be influenced.

Usually, a few dietary changes would be enough to resolve the condition but some women would require medication for the same. Keeping oneself hydrated is another important tip to manage extreme cases of morning sickness.

Besides these complications, some others may also be witnessed during pregnancy complications. For instance, the activity level of the baby may be erratic. In most cases, rest will take care of the condition, though it is better not to take chances and see a doctor immediately to ensure that all is well.

Urinary tract infections and flu-like symptoms during pregnancy also require medical attention. An uneventful pregnancy is a matter of luck, but women should be aware about all the complications they may encounter so that help can be sought in time.

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