12 12, 2016

Deciding the Number of Embryos to be transferred during IVF

IVF is one of the most widely applied Artificial Reproductive Techniques used the world over for combating complex infertility issues. The procedure is aimed at helping infertile couples to have a single, healthy baby by implanting a lab-prepared embryo(s) in the uterus of the woman. It follows a stringent protocol, with every step being adhered

9 12, 2016

Extending Fertility with Egg Freezing

The role of fertility clinics is no longer confined to delivering effective treatment to infertile couples but it encompasses the function of preserving fertility too. As education and career have become vital aspects of the modern woman’s life, extending their fertility has become a key concern for those who want to postpone starting a family

7 12, 2016

Frozen Donor Eggs- An Option for IVF Patients

IVF is an advanced Artificial Reproductive Technique (ART) which involves fertilization of eggs with sperms in the lab to produce embryo(s) and have the same implanted in the uterus. In many complicated cases, such as those with premature ovarian failure or advanced maternal age, specialists rely on donor eggs to carry out the IVF. There

5 12, 2016

Implantation Failure-Identifying the Culprit

IVF is a protocol-oriented process, which is carried out in a series of steps in a definite order. Embryo implantation is one of the key aspects of IVF and the fate of the cycle depends greatly upon its success. There are times when women have picture-perfect embryos, yet they fail to implant in the uterus

2 12, 2016

All about Cervical Incompetence

The supreme power of nature is manifested in the core of human existence, in the way a woman’s body is designed to nurture a new life and bring it to the world. Each reproductive organ has its own function, whether it is the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the uterus, the cervix or the vagina and