16 10, 2015

Can my gynae treat my infertility? The answer is a big No.

Confused about whom to consult for infertility related issues? Based on the queries frequently encountered during practice, the Gaudium team has compiled the below information that will help you take an informed decision. What is the difference between a gynaecologist and a fertility specialist? A gynaecologist is a doctor specializing in reproductive health and general

13 10, 2015

When They Had Lost All Hope: Multiple Failed IVF Cycles followed by the Gift of Motherhood

Synopses of very difficult cases successfully handled by Gaudium where other centres/specialists had failed or given up In the six years since its inception in 2009, Gaudium Infertility Clinic has emerged as a leading provider of advanced infertility treatment of international standards to childless couples from around the world. Spearheaded by award-winning infertility specialist and

6 10, 2015

Failed IVF – What to do next

A failed IVF cycle can be a very distressing and painful experience for a woman and her partner. While a good fertility doctor would always discuss the possibility of a negative IVF outcome with the patient, it is still extremely difficult for a couple to cope with the anguish of losing a baby they could

30 09, 2015

I Have hormone imbalance (PCOD/PCOS): Can I Conceive?

Gaudium’s Miracle Baby When Safla Rani, 56 and her husband Brij Lal, 68 first came to Gaudium, they were distraught, yet hopeful of having a baby. In last 17 years, the couple had undergone multiple failed fertility treatments in India and abroad. Safia Rani had a multitude of health problems, including severe PCOD, which had

23 09, 2015

Treatments for Male Infertility: PESA, TESA and MESA

PESA, TESA and MESA are infertility treatments which involve surgical retrieval of sperm from the male partner. This line of treatment is useful for couples with severe male factor infertility and involves collection of sperm from the testicles using a needle or a small incision. Surgical sperm retrieval is beneficial in the following conditions: Obstructive