15 02, 2016

Can cell phone radiation cause male infertility?

A question our fertility specialists get asked often by keen patients. As the statistics on the rapid increase of mobile users across the world continue to astound us, the debate on the ill effects of radiation emitted by these devices has also continued to rage on. Numerous studies have focussed on how mobile phone use

10 02, 2016

Laparoscopy for Female Infertility: When does a patient need one?

Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure involving one or two small incisions through which a laparoscopic surgeon inserts a laparoscope(a thin, fibre-optic tube fitted with a light and a camera) and specialized surgical instruments into the abdomen. This procedure allows your doctor to gain a clear view of the abdominal and pelvic organs including the uterus, fallopian

5 01, 2016

Sperm count, motility, morphology – Can someone please simplify!

Coping with male-factor infertility can be stressful for a couple as social conditioning makes most men reluctant to accept the condition, and those who do manage to come to terms with it, find it difficult to discuss the issue openly. Being armed with the right information on male infertility empowers you and your partner to

16 12, 2015

Secondary infertility: Why can’t I get pregnant a second time?

Are you already a parent who is planning to add another little member to your happy family? It should be easy to conceive again since you have already been down that road – however some women face unexpected difficulties in having another baby. If you are a parent having difficulty conceiving again for no apparent

30 11, 2015

Did I cause my infertility?

Lifestyle causes that affect fertility in men and women   Infertility is a condition wherein a seemingly healthy couple is unable to conceive a child despite repeated efforts. Time is of the essence here, which means that a couple may be considered infertile if they have not been able to achieve pregnancy in 12 months.