26 09, 2016

Egg Donation: All that a donor need to know

Eggs and sperms make the basic building blocks of life and couples who lack healthy eggs and/or sperms come across problems in conception. However, the advancement of medical techniques has brought solutions for the most complicated infertility issues, including this one. Egg donation is a ground breaking technique that has brought a ray of hope

22 09, 2016

All about premature labor and how is it linked with IVF?

The pregnancy period of nine months is the most amazing one for a couple expecting to see their dream materializing into a beautiful little bundle of joy. However, it can turn into a nightmare for women who go into labor earlier than expected, and scary as it is in a normal pregnancy, the stakes are

19 09, 2016

How long to wait for the next attempt after a failed IVF cycle?

When a couple invests their money and emotions in an IVF treatment cycle and it ends in a devastating failure, it’s like the world coming to an end for them. They might have engaged the best specialist, taken all the precautions and done everything under the sky to make it a success, but some things

16 09, 2016

Do I actually need bed rest after IVF?

When a couple is labeled as infertile, they have to bear a great deal of trauma as months and years drag by, with the joy of parenthood eluding them. A slightest ray of hope brings immense excitement as they visualize the realization of their dreams. They would go to any extent to transform this dream

12 09, 2016

Unexplained fertility: Which is the better option IVF or IUI?

A couple is tagged as infertile if they are unable to conceive after six months of unprotected intercourse. What follows next, is regular visits to gynecologists and fertility clinics, a battery of tests and a lot of advice from relatives and friends who claim to be experts. The condition is probably less challenging when you