4 01, 2017

Understanding your menstrual cycle: The best time to conceive

Inability to conceive despite repeated attempts may leave couples bewildered and desperate, looking for reasons of the same. While it may be attributed to serious ones like male and female infertility, the reasons might be as simple as wrong timing of their attempts at conceiving. In more specific words, the couple may be trying but

2 01, 2017

How long can it take to conceive after stopping birth control pill?

A woman may have to come across several ironical situations in her lifetime; for instance, after spending years to figure out how not to get pregnant, she may suddenly find herself experiencing the fear of female infertility, all because of a tiny pill she has been taking to prevent pregnancy till now. One of the most

30 12, 2016

Attempting Conception after Miscarriage

Miscarriage can be a traumatic experience, a time when the world seems to come to an end. Yet everything is not lost as a miscarriage does not necessarily indicate that a woman cannot conceive again. It is just a matter of time, but it is important to know when the right time is. Should you

28 12, 2016

Age and fertility: How bright are your chances?

When it comes to female fertility, age is not just a number, there is much more to that. In fact, age is a key determinant of fertility in both sexes, and it is one of the major reasons for female infertility. It would be easier to understand the relationship between age and female fertility on

26 12, 2016

Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation

Birth control is one big issue for couples who do not want children for some time and this is the reason they look for safe, convenient and effective birth control measures. At the same time, it is feasible to know what would be their chance of conceiving once they want children and how soon it