31 05, 2017

Sex for Conception

Infertility is a complex issue as it makes a couple come across physical, financial, and emotional complications. Whether the problem is with the man, the woman, or both, infertility is likely to take a toll on their relationship. Continuous diagnostic tests, clinic visits, regular medicines, and uncomfortable procedures are reasons enough to make them feel

29 05, 2017

Preparing for Semen Collection

 The fertility of a couple depends as much on the sperm as it does on the egg. When a couple approaches an infertility clinic for treatment, the eggs and the sperms are the first parameters to be studied. Similarly, both of these are to be retrieved as a part of infertility treatments such as IVF,

27 05, 2017

Understanding Ovarian Tissue Freezing

Over the years, there has been consistent improvement in reproductive technology, with constant efforts to resolve female infertility issues. The most experimental amongst these technologies are the ones which involve preservation of female fertility. Egg freezing and embryo freezing are regarded as the best options for those who want to slow down their biological clock.

24 05, 2017

Chronic Pelvic Pain and Infertility

A woman suffering from infertility comes across diverse complications. Pelvic pain is one such symptom that can be seen as a cause as well as an effect of female infertility. When a patient experiences chronic pelvic pain for a prolonged period, she must see a doctor and have the condition evaluated. The causes could be

22 05, 2017

Understanding Embryo Grading

The success of IVF treatment depends upon a variety of factors. One of the most significant amongst these is the quality of embryo. Poor quality embryo is most likely to yield a failed cycle due to implantation failure. If pregnancy does take place, there is risk of fetal abnormalities, miscarriage, or other birth-related complications. Embryo