Miracles Happen And Dreams Get Fulfilled Through SurrogacyThe emotions of a mother are too difficult to be put into words when she feels the first kick of her baby while growing in the womb. Needless to say, the journey of nine months is beautiful and the pain which she goes through in the labor room go,  away the moment she has her baby in her arms. Couples start living this dream the moment they discover pregnancy.

Have you ever thought what might be the plight of couples who don’t have a baby? A woman has the power to give birth. But what if that hidden power is lost and she cannot conceive? How is she supposed to deal with it for the rest of her life?

Science has done numerous wonders for mankind and one such miracle comes in the form of surrogacy.

What is Surrogacy?

To put it simply, it is a process whereby the gestational surrogate carries the baby /babies for nine months until delivery. Is it something less than a blessing for couples who have been trying hard to have a baby and have not succeeded? Through surrogacy, a woman agrees to get pregnant with your baby and hands over the child to you once he/she is born.

What are the types of surrogacy?

  1. Traditional Surrogacy: Here, in this case, the surrogate mother is inseminated artificially either by a donor or intended father. In traditional surrogacy, the child is genetically related to both the surrogate mother and the person who donated sperms or father.
  2. Gestational Surrogacy: When the embryo gets created through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), the process is termed as gestational surrogacy. The

What is the process of Gestational Surrogacy?

It might sound unreal, but an embryo gets created by taking the eggs from the intended mother or the donor which are fertilized with the sperms of the intended father/donor and later the embryo is placed in the uterus of the gestational surrogate who carries the baby till he /she is born.

It is nothing less than a miracle for those who have been desperate for having a child, and because of any unforeseen circumstance have not been blessed so far.

What is the cost of surrogacy?

Cost Varies Accordng to the case

It includes the following:

  • Surrogacy procedure
  • Antenatal care
  • Medical and delivery expenses of the surrogate

The expense might differ depending upon the clinic and patient

Why Surrogacy?

  1. Women who have a weak uterus and are not able to conceive.
  2. If the uterus has been removed by hysterectomy.
  3. Getting pregnant is risky for the life of the mother.

Carrying the baby for nine months is the most wonderful experience a woman can ever have. But, if destiny has other plans for you, opt for IVF, which has created happy families and has brought smiles to millions of parents who had lost hope of having their child.

If you believe in miracles, they do happen, and one such miracle is IVF.

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