IVF-babies-are-no-different-from-Naturally-conceived-babiesAre there any biological differences between IVF babies and naturally conceived babies? Are IVF babies born with birth defects? These are a few questions people need to be aware of before opting for IVF as an option for their infertility treatment.

IVF is highly misunderstood, people have pre-conceived notions and myths in mind regarding the procedure and about the resulting child from the treatment. Its high time to bust the most common myth that IVF  babies are different from naturally conceived ones. Although this holds true that the conception of the IVF babies is not natural, but the advanced technology and medical expertise has made the results of the artificial conception at par with the natural one.

Although this holds true that in IVF, the embryo is not formed inside the female body, the eggs a and sperms are fused in controlled laboratory conditions by expert embryologists. Instead of a Fallopian tube, the fertilisation happens in a test tube.

Once the embryo is produced by the fusion of sperm and eggs in the lab, it is transferred to the womb where it is carried and nourished like a naturally conceived baby. So, there is no difference in the physical and mental attributes of the babies.

People believe that the babies born with the help of IVF are artificial, they must know that ART stands for Assisted Reproductive Technology and not Artificial Reproductive Technology and so the babies are as healthy as naturally conceived ones.

Since infertility is a common condition these days, couples are opting for IVF when they are failing to conceive naturally after years of trying. Fertility issues in either or both of the partners makes it impossible. To get pregnant without medical help. But because of some ignorant people, it is seen in a bad light.

Since IVF babies are as healthy as other babies, nobody can tell a difference between an IVF baby and a naturally conceived baby. For all the couples facing fertility issues, it is crucial to do research and gain knowledge about it instead of blindly believing to what people has to say. They must consult an expert IVF specialist to clarify all their doubts they have in mind.

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