1) CHOOSING THE BEST IVF CENTRE:  Before starting the IVF process. You need to find answers to following questions.

  • Success rate of the fertility clinic
  • Expertise of the team treating you
  •  Technologies being used
  • Since how long has the IVF centre been in operation

Then decide which clinic stands tall on these parameters

2) CONSULT WITH THE BEST INFERTILITY EXPERT: Venting out your fear and discussing all the queries with the infertility expert can help in gearing up for the journey by clearing all your doubts and then the battle is already half won.

3) SPECIAL CONDITIONS: conditions like PCOS, ENDOMETRIOSIS, TUBAL BLOCKAGE, and AZOOSPERMIA makes getting pregnant naturally an almost impossible undertaking, so diagnosing the underlying cause first before starting the IVF is important to increase the chances of success.

4) A HEALTHY BALANCED DIET: It enhances the chances of getting pregnant through IVF by 2-4 times, so maintaining a healthy, nutritious balanced diet is important.

5) SLEEP WELL, EXERCISE AND DE-STRESS: Your anxiety is natural but you need to curb your apprehensions because for a successful IVF cycle, both the emotional and physical health plays equally significant roles.

6) CHANGE IN THE LIFESTYLE AND EATING HABITS: Sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits can take a serious toll on fertility.

7) TAKE SUPPLEMENTS: Certain supplements which enhance fertility, should be taken under the supervision of an infertility expert.

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