How to decide between Caesarean and Normal Delivery Delivering the baby is an experience that is not only magical but shows the innate strength of a woman. Having carried the baby for nine months and then holding him/her in your arms holds lots of emotions that only a female can understand. Whether the delivery is normal or cesarean depends on lots of factors, and whatever may be the case, the mother and the baby should remain healthy post-delivery.

What is Normal and Caesarean Delivery?

Normal Delivery or Vaginal Delivery: When the baby gets delivered through the vagina, it is called normal delivery

Caesarean Delivery: It is the surgical method of delivery in which incision is made through the belly and uterus to pull the baby out.

The most often question asked is “normal delivery or cesarean, which is better”?

Since delivery is not a usual body process, you will receive certain signals from your body, which will tell that labor is approaching. Symptoms of labor are:

  1. When the baby drops which means that his head drops deep into the pelvis
  2. Frequent urination because the baby’s head puts pressure on the bladder.
  3. When the mucus plug passes, be ready for labor to start.
  4. Dilation and thinning of the cervix
  5. Contractions are similar to cramps during menses but with increased magnitude and frequency.
  6. Back pain

Normal Delivery symptoms are the ones which have been listed above and if you want to enhance the chances of having normal delivery then:

  1. Massage your perineum so that it gets ready for stretching during delivery.
  2. Avoid unnecessary interventions and continuous monitoring.
  3. Remain at home during early labor to avoid induction.
  4. Remain active during the first stage of labor. Carry on with the usual activities
  5. Deep breathing and practicing yoga will help you a lot.
  6. Keep pace with your labor hormones by being stress-free.

If someone asks you normal delivery ke liye lya karna chahiye, quote the above-mentioned points.

Normal Delivery in pregnancy is advantageous for the mother and the baby in the following ways:

  1. Recovery of the mother is sooner than in the case of cesarean delivery.
  2. Future pregnancies will be less complicated
  3. You will be able to breastfeed your child early.
  4. There is less risk of Fertility problems in women with normal delivery in pregnancy.
  5. When your child passes through the birth canal, he/she receives useful bacteria that help in boosting the immune system and thus make your child immune to asthma and other allergies.
  6. Hormonal changes during labor will clear the fluid in your baby’s lungs. Thus your baby will not be at risk of Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn (TTN).