What is surrogacy pregnancy

Surrogacy is a kind of In Vitro Fertilization that is carried out at a fertility clinic. The major difference of this procedure from a typical IVF is that, instead of the intended woman, the resulting embryos or embryo gets transferred to a gestational surrogate’s uterus. It is not the easiest task to choose the best surrogacy center in India. It is something that needs a lot of careful consideration and deliberation. So, in order to help you with the choice, here is a list of five factors that you must note while choosing a surrogacy center.

Official accreditatio

The best surrogacy clinic in Delhi will have official accreditation for carrying out the procedure, and you have all the rights to ask them about it. It is also important to ensure that the quality standards are met by the facility. So, it is important for you to be informed about the certificates and audits of quality. You should also ask them about their data protection policy.

Technologies available

A surrogacy clinic needs to have its own labs, and you also need to enquire about the fertility treatments offered by the clinic. Some clinics rely on conventional IVF procedures, whereas others believe ICSI is more effective. Some clinics opt for genetically screening the embryos, while others prefer not manipulating the embryos and gametes. Read on all these factors before choosing the best surrogacy clinic in Patna.

The team at work

Finding the best surrogacy center in Ludhiana is not all about getting the right doctor to treat you. It is all about the team that he works with. You will have to be in touch with the nurses, the administrative staff, and the lab during the procedure. You might also be assigned a case manager to handle the details of your case. You need to feel trust and appreciation for the team if you want to continue your treatment there.

The success rate

It is difficult to judge which one the best surrogacy Centre in NCR is until you know their success rate. However, keep in mind that a success rate can mean a lot of things. The term can be used for transfer rates, fertilization rates, live birth rates, implantation rates, or pregnancy rates. So, when you ask them about their success rate, ask which rate they are referring to in terms of the success rate.

The location of the clinic

Opting for surrogacy means that you will have to visit the clinic a number of times during the treatment. Besides, the process needs to be comfortable for the surrogate, too, and the location of the clinic should not be too far off for her as well. Thus, think about the location of the hospital before you decide.

There is no denying the fact that surrogacy is a challenging fertility treatment. You need to rely on experienced experts for the process to be successful. So, take your time and think it through in terms of choosing a hospital.