Dr. Manika Khanna was felicitated at the 3rd edition of Healthcare Heroes Awards for her exceptional contribution towards IVF success in the country.

Dr. Manika Khanna for winning the IVF Leader of the Year, India Award at Onlymyhealth.com Healthcare Heroes Conclave & Awards, 5th March at New Delhi. Awards were given by our Guest of Honor Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar and our Special Guest Sangram Singh.

Dr. Manika Khanna, a Women, a Doctor, a Business entrepreneur & a Social worker who gave a new dimension to the IVF business.

She is Founder, C.E.O & Chairperson of Gaudium IVF and Women Health PVT LTD – a foremost and fastest growing brand in IVF & Women Health Care with an International presence.

With a vision and superlative fortitude to serve the childless couples to fulfil their dreams and today Gaudium is known the name in Infertility treatments.

First of all many congratulations on receiving IVF Leader of the Year, India Award Please share your journey with us?

I have had a very busy Obstetrics and gynaecology have conceived through IVF is not their own baby, I practice since the beginning of my career. Having would use this platform to state that the IVF baby is performed the most advanced laparoscopic gynae biologically your own baby. Only the rarest of cases s surgeries very early in my career, I came across many require consented donor gametes childless couples facing a lot of emotional & social stress. When I successfully conducted my first IVF case, I was stirred emotionally by the joy I saw in the eyes of that childless couple when they got pregnant. That very moment, I realized that millions of childless couples are deprived of this happiness due to a lack of accessibility to the right IVF treatment. To achieve that goal. Gaudium is now accessible to a large population and we now get patients from India and over 30 foreign countries.

Dr manika khanna

Lack of proper awareness about IVF continues to be a big hurdle. What are the common misconceptions about it that you would like to dear through this platform?

We have to recognize that this is a medical condition and net a sin committed by the wife or the husband Thanks to advanced medical technology, most of these cases are now treatable and the couple can have healthy babies. Acknowledging the problem and seeking a solution is your fastest route to fulfilling your parenthood dreams. Contrary to some notions, IVF treatment is not painful & it does not require a lot of bed rest. Further, some people think that if they have conceived through IVF is not their own baby. I would use this platform to state that the IVF baby is biologically your own baby. Only the rarest of cases require consented donor gametes.

Unfortunately the woman has to face a lot of social stigma in case of infertility of the couple!

Actually in 40% of cases infertility is because of the male partner. In another 40% of cases it is because of the female partner. While in the remaining 20% of the cases, it can be attributed to both the partners. So it differs from case to case. And in each case the female cannot be termed solely responsible for the infertility of the couple.

You have been dedicated in your fight against female foeticide and a great advocate to the cause of girl child education, women health & hygiene. Please tell in detail about these causes that you espouse.

When a mother delivers a female baby and the family doesn’t carry happy faces, it really pains me. I give them my own example and tell them that I am a daughter to proud parents. I also draw their attention to my team consisting entirely of women. For protecting & nurturing a female, right from the time when she is a fetus to when she becomes a young girl we initiated two platforms: First of which is “Gaudium Women Power’ where women can share the challenges they face at all the ages and stages of life. Through this initiative I offer counselling to them as a mentor. The second is ‘Gaudium Foundation’ focusing on girl child education, Health, and hygiene.

We’re determined to offer IVF at affordable cost, says Dr Manika Khanna

What’s the secret of Gaudium Success?

Our Patient First Policy. We have worked hard to build the right team with the right spirit, to deliver our promise. Our objective is to bring happiness in the lives of our clients by realising their dreams of parenthood. Our biggest assets are our clients. Many of them are those who have been struggling for years to achieve their dream. For me, the biggest source of happiness.

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