When a woman is ready for motherhood, all that she thinks of is the joys that would come when she would begin her journey of those wonderful nine months. And there would also be a hope that these nine months would culminate in the precious moment when she would have her bundle of joy in her arms. However, the beginning of the journey is not marked by a positive on her pregnancy test, but it rather starts with preparing her body for nurturing a new life.

The period of a few months preceding a planned pregnancy is a crucial one because a woman can not only influence her fertility but also the health of the baby by taking good care of her in this time. Following a healthy lifestyle, focusing on nutritious diet and staying stress free are some of the favors she can do to herself in the preconception period.

What are the benefits of nutrient supplements for women planning to conceive?

When we talk about nutrients which prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy, there are certain key vitamins and minerals which she must include in her diet as food sources or in the form of supplements. In fact, those who plan to pregnancy in the near future can actually see a doctor and have the right dose of such supplements prescribed for them, so as to maximize the chances of successful conception and comfortable pregnancy. There are several good reasons why women should actually do that.

  • Fertility Boost: Preconception supplementation ensures that you will conceive sooner because some of them can actually enhance your fertility and put you on the road faster that you could have expected.
  • Reduce the risk of morning sickness: Research has reiterated the fact women who went on multivitamin supplements before pregnancy had actually an easier time with the bouts of morning sickness and nausea. Vitamin B6 has shown proven results in easing up these symptoms.
  • Lower risk of birth defects: Most importantly, lower risk of birth defects is the biggest reason why woman should start taking nutrient supplements in the period before conception. Folic acid or folate is the most essential vitamin for would-be mommies because it has been shown that those who had enough of it in their bodies prior to conception have dramatically lower risk of having a baby with neural tube defects.

Which are the essential nutrients for a woman trying to conceive?

When it comes to getting the right nutrients in the pre-conception period so that you are better prepared to carry a healthy pregnancy, it is a good idea to consult an expert. The reason is, that it is not only getting the right nutrient that matters, but having it in the right quantity is crucial too. Here are some essential nutrients for a woman trying to conceive in the coming few months:

Folic Acid: A vitamin B9 supplement, folic acid is a wonder-drug for women trying to conceive as it ensures that the baby is exposed to minimum risk of spina bifida. Potential mothers are required to take these supplements at least three months before conceiving and it should be taken during the entire pregnancy.

Calcium: Calcium is regarded as the most essential mineral for bone development and it becomes all the more vital for the women looking to conceive because they are soon going to have another set of bones growing within them. While increasing your daily dairy intake may be a good way to increase calcium levels, additional supplements may go a long way in improving the fate of pregnancy.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D performs the key function of improving the absorption of calcium, which makes it effective for bone development of the fetus. Also, it keeps a woman strong and prepared for the tough job of carrying a pregnancy.

Iron: A mineral which aids in formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells, iron is useful for building immunity as well as prevent anemia during pregnancy, which is the reason why it makes a recommended one for getting the woman ready for carrying a healthy pregnancy.

Iodine: Another mineral which would do well for making your body pregnancy-ready is iodine, which regulates the functioning of thyroid, with processes such as metabolism and growth. This mineral is equally essential for the pregnancy period as well as during lactation.

Some other vitamins and minerals which may be recommended by the doctor in the pre-pregnancy period are vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B12, vitamin K, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, zinc, copper, selenium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, potassium and omega 3 fatty acids. The doctor will help the patients with the right combination of these supplements depending upon their specific needs, which are determined using some pre-conception tests.

One thing to be sure is that the dosage of these nutrient supplements would be as important as including the right ones in your pre-pregnancy regime. So these should be taken only with the advice of a doctor, and at the same time, they should be supported by a healthy, nutrient-rich diet. Whether a pregnancy is natural or assisted, a woman should make sure that her body is in a good condition to sustain it and deliver a healthy baby and all these nutrient supplements would do them a great favor in this regard.

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