When we talk about a healthy body, a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle habits are inevitable. And for women, it is even more important, as, with growing age, the deterioration in health leads to many complications, including conceiving, and that’s the reason many women end up taking an alternative called IVF. As per studies, for women younger than 35, the percentage of live births per egg retrieval is 54.5%. For women ages 35 to 37, the percentage of live births per egg retrieval is 41.1%. And for women ages 38 to 40, the percentage of live births per egg retrieval is 26.7%. As per Dr. Manika Khanna, founder, CEO, and chairperson of Gaudium IVF, even when it comes to successful IVF, a healthy lifestyle plays a crucial role. Dr. Khanna has conducted over 1,000 case histories and discovered a few common threads ranging from socio-cultural, cognitive-affective, and food-related behavior. Scroll down to learn more about her observation and what kind of food-related behavior change can help with better conception.

What study says?

We are what we eat, these pearls of wisdom not only shape our lives but also define our health too. In the case of women, there are certain habits that hinder conceiving at the right age. Referring to a study, Dr. Khanna says that the major reasons for not conceiving include regular lifestyle habits. As per the study, 25% of women are smokers, 38% have regular alcohol consumption, 52% have stress-related issues, and 90% don’t follow the right diet, out of which 35% are struggling with obesity.

Foods and lifestyle habits for women that help in better conception

What’s the solution?

According to Dr. Khanna, to get a better I.V.F success rate, one should not add but rather reduce or switch activities. She states, “Food habits of adding and subtracting a few food items can be highly beneficial.”

What should one reduce?

She suggests reducing smoking and drinking habits, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding junk foods, excess oil, and sugar.

avoiding junk foods

What should one add?

As per Dr. Khanna, one should switch to fresh fruits and vegetables, and use olive, corn, & soybean oils. Also, lean proteins can stimulate hormone and egg production and are critical for IVF success, so one should eat eggs, fish, and poultry.

What else should one eat?

As per studies, whole grains, like quinoa, farro, and whole-grain pasta also add value to a healthy lifestyle, and one should switch from full-fat to low-fat dairy products.

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