Come to Gaudium IVF

Come to Gaudium IVF

For any couple trying to get pregnant, accepting the fact that they need medical assistance for conceiving is already a little hard to digest. What adds to he misery is when they diagnosis and treatment goes wrong when they prepare themselves for it. It is of almost priority to do your inquiry and select only the best IVF clinic and doctor for your infertility treatment in Delhi.

After the failure of their first IVF cycle at some other clinic, the 39 year old woman, Swati*(name changed for privacy reasons) and her husband came to Gaudium IVF with a history of primary infertility and poor ovarian reserve (POR).

The IVF Journey:

The first failed IVF cycle had put the couple under a lot of emotional and mental turmoil. Ridden with anxiety and stress, Swati and her husband visited Gaudium, the best IVF clinic in India with shattered hopes. Being married for 11 years the couple had been dreaming for their own child since a very long time which made them undergo an IVF cycle at a renowned clinic in Delhi.

Due to the presence of poor ovarian reserve in the patient, she became unresponsive to the treatment and only one dominant follicle could be retrieved. Instead of treating the patient effectively, the clinic cancelled her treatment.

This got the couple under mental trauma. Looking at the condition of the couple, our experts determined that psychological counselling was necessary for them before the commencing their fertility treatment. After a few counselling sessions, Swati was put on a best tailor-made protocol for her treatment. Under the expert supervision of Dr. Manika Khanna, she underwent a cycle of ICSI and conceived in the very first attempt.

What is Poor Ovarian Reserve (POR)?

The pool of eggs current in the ovaries is known as ovarian saving. Poor ovarian reserve refers to the condition when there is insufficient amount of eggs present in the ovaries resulting in low chances of pregnancy.

The IVF treatment at Gaudium was successful and Swati delivered a healthy baby.

Gaudium IVF advises all the patients to do a thorough research before selecting any IVF clinic and doctor as seeking correct diagnosis and treatment from the best IVF doctors in India is the key to a successful IVF treatment.

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