11 11, 2016

Avoiding Unnecessary Diagnostic Tests for IVF Patients

When a couple combating infertility first approaches an IVF clinic, the initial step which is taken by the specialist is to diagnose the problem. Most of the IVF clinics follow a protocol while treating the patients and diagnostic tests form a key part of this protocol. These tests play a vital role as they pinpoint

9 11, 2016

How is IVF pregnancy different from a natural one?

Every pregnancy is unique in terms of symptoms and emotions, whether it is result of normal, natural conception or science has played a role in initiating it. Women who have undergone infertility treatment and have conceived through IVF have an entirely different story to narrate, though there are certain myths and misconceptions which need to

29 09, 2016

Get your body ready for Pregnancy with the Right Nutrients

When a woman is ready for motherhood, all that she thinks of is the joys that would come when she would begin her journey of those wonderful nine months. And there would also be a hope that these nine months would culminate in the precious moment when she would have her bundle of joy in

16 09, 2016

Do I actually need bed rest after IVF?

When a couple is labeled as infertile, they have to bear a great deal of trauma as months and years drag by, with the joy of parenthood eluding them. A slightest ray of hope brings immense excitement as they visualize the realization of their dreams. They would go to any extent to transform this dream