Busting the Myths Related to Male Fertility

Whenever a couple is found infertile, it is always that the fingers are constantly pointed towards the ladies first. Women are considered the first to be blamed for infertility. This, in fact, is a myth. According to the best IVF doctors in India, male infertility is an equal contributor to a couple’s infertility and it should not always be the women who have to be pointed out. Let us bust some common myths related to male fertility.

Myth: I am physically fit; hence I have better chances of fertility.
Fact: Physically fit means that you are free from many diseases and have a strong immune system. Moreover, your blood pressure and cholesterol will be under control. But being physically fit is not a sign that you will have healthy sperm and better fertility.

Myth: The use of laptops destroy sperm.
Fact: Continuously using the laptop for long hours only when kept on your crotch can increase the temperature of the testicles by almost 3 degrees C. This temperature can lower the production of sperm and can affect your fertility.

Myth: Low sperm count means that I cannot have a baby.
Fact: Males with a low sperm count can still conceive normally. A lower sperm count is just an indication that you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle that you need to change. It can be related to your smoking and drinking or even having un-nutritious food in your regular diet. The IVF clinic in Delhi supports the fact that doing regular and proper exercise and having a healthy diet can help you in improving your sperm count.

Myth: More the testosterone you have, the more is your fertility.
Fact: Most men believe that a high level of testosterone in the body is an indication of having a higher fertility rate and even start taking supplements for that. But this is not the case. According to the best IVF centre in Delhi, when the intake of these testosterone supplements is stopped, the sperm count increases rather than decreases.

Myth: Masturbation is the cause of low sperm count.
Fact: The normal individual body takes almost six weeks the production new sperms. This proves that there is no relation between masturbation with a low sperm count. In fact, masturbating in a way allows your body to produce fresh sperm again and again.