hysteroscopy-surgery If you are facing severe cramps and heavy menstrual periods consistently, or if the doctor needs to know more about reproductive health, she might ask you to go for a hysteroscopy surgery. This is a procedure that enables her to get a close look at the uterus and cervix and helps her understand what exactly the cause of the problem is.

This is a common procedure, and countless women go through it every year. So, there is nothing to be afraid of if your doctor has suggested it to you. Read on to know a few more details about the procedure, as that will help you better understand what you will be getting into.

The steps of the procedure

During the process of hysteroscopy, the doctor puts a hysteroscope, which a thin tube that has a light on one end, into the vagina. She will use tools and medications to open up your cervix. A saline-like liquid or gaseous carbon dioxide will be pushed into the uterus for expanding it. A tool named speculum is used for keeping the vagina open. You will know this tool if you have ever had a Pap smear done. It helps her see the cervix and the insides of your uterus.

You can either be kept awake or put under general anesthesia during this procedure. In case she sees something abnormal in there, she will take a sample for testing it later on. Now that you know the hysteroscopy procedure step by step let’s move on to the reasons to opt for it.

The reasons to opt for the procedure

The most reason why people opt for this procedure is when they see that their periods are heavier and longer than usual, and they are even bleeding between periods. The given situations might also make you consider undergoing the hysterolaparoscopy procedure.

  • The results of the Pap test are not normal
  • You have been bleeding even after menopause
  • There are polyps, fibroids, or scars on your uterus
  • You are facing problems with conceiving and have had more than one miscarriage
  • The doctor needs a tissue sample of your uterus lining
  • You are getting a sterilization procedure done for permanent birth control

After getting the procedure done

You will be able to go home right after getting hysteroscopy for infertility. However, if you were put on general or local anesthetic, then it is better if you have someone to drive you home. There might be some mild bleeding or cramping a couple of days after the procedure. Getting Hysteroscopy before IVF might also give you gas for about a day. The doctor will give you medications for the pain.

Hysteroscopy test cost in India is not too high, and thus, going for this procedure will not burn a hole in your pocket. Just make sure that you rely on an experienced doctor and a reputed hospital when going for hysteroscopy because they will take all the measures to keep it safe and effective for you.

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