28 04, 2017

Sperm Donation: The Gift of Life

Sperm donation is truly the gift of life, something that can bring the joy of parenthood for a childless couple. As the name suggests, it refers to the donation of sperms by a healthy male so that a couple can conceive with them. It is helpful for couples suffering from severe male factor infertility. Single

26 04, 2017

When is it time to see an infertility specialist?

Infertility is a problem that can strike anyone. To make things worse, it can have far-reaching implications. If couples do not take it seriously, they may end up being childless. Being proactive is the best thing to do, particularly when age is not on their side. A couple should be aware of the importance of

24 04, 2017

Safe Pregnancy- How Old Is Too Old

Over the years, as reproductive technologies have advanced, there has been a substantial increase in successful deliveries for older women. It is common to hear of women in their late thirties or forties who have had healthy babies. Donor eggs and IVF have made miracles, with even postmenopausal women having positive pregnancy outcomes. But the

21 04, 2017

Patch Contraceptives: How Effective Are They

Contraception is as big an issue for women as female infertility is. While not having babies may be depressing, having unwanted ones also causes worries and problems. Contraceptives give a woman the freedom to decide when she wants a family. By using the right contraceptive measure, she can postpone pregnancy till she wants to, without

19 04, 2017

Iodine- Preconception and Pregnancy

Whether a woman is pregnant or planning a pregnancy, she needs to take good care of her diet. She has to ensure that she is not suffering from deficiency of any vital nutrient. The reason is that certain dietary nutrients are essential for conception and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. One of these is iodine, which

17 04, 2017

Improving Male Fertility with Antioxidants

A majority of infertile couples act on the preconceived notion that they are unable to conceive because of the woman. But facts and figures say otherwise. As many as 30% of the total infertility cases are attributed to male factor infertility. Combined infertility is the culprit in almost an equal number of cases. With such

12 04, 2017

Hyperprolactinemia and Infertility

Hormonal imbalance is one of the most common infertility culprits. Speaking of hormones, it is generally progesterone and estrogen which are held responsible for female infertility. Prolactin is the hormone less heard of but its imbalance can hamper fertility to a considerable extent. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the condition so that

10 04, 2017

Fragile Egg Syndrome and ICSI

ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is an advanced reproductive technique used for couples with severe male factor infertility. It involves the injection of a single, healthy sperm directly into the female egg. The fertilized embryo is then transferred directly into the woman’s uterus. The remaining steps of ICSI are similar to a typical IVF treatment