30 01, 2017

Poor Egg Quality and Female Infertility

It is a universally known fact that egg is the basis of reproduction, the building block of life. It would not be wrong to say that the quality of woman’s eggs determines her ability to conceive. In fact, poor quality of eggs makes one of the most prevalent reasons of female infertility. At the same

27 01, 2017

Ovulation Tracking: Is it a waste of time?

When a couple comes across infertility issues, they would leave no stone unturned to maximize the chances of pregnancy, whether they try for natural or assisted reproduction. One of the simplest tricks is to time it right- taking a chance at conception when the woman is going through her “fertile window”. Gynecologists recommend ovulation tracking

23 01, 2017

Vitamin D and Reproductive Health

Male and female infertility can be attributed to a variety of causes; while there could be some structural deformities of the reproductive organs that could be causing infertility, the reason could be something as simple as deficiency of certain nutrients. It is essential to know about all the nutrients which can have a direct influence

20 01, 2017

Managing Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is a different experience for every woman; while some women cruise through the nine months, others come across miserable signs and symptoms. One of the most common yet troublesome aspects of pregnancy is morning sickness, which refers to the bouts of nausea and vomiting that a pregnant woman usually experiences during the first trimester.

18 01, 2017

Pregnancy and Antidepressant Medication

Physical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy have an established line of treatment, but this is not the case with mental conditions such as depression. Whether or not to take antidepressants during pregnancy is one question that is difficult to answer for the woman. While leaving depression untreated can take toll on the

16 01, 2017

Pregnancy Complications You Must Know About

Nature has blessed women with the boon of motherhood, the ability to create a new life and bring it to the world. The nine month period of pregnancy is the most ecstatic one in a woman’s life span, when she experiences the joy of her baby moving and growing inside her womb. But it may

13 01, 2017

Smoking and Infertility

Poor lifestyle choices make one of the main reasons of thousands of couples across the globe experiencing infertility in the present times. Amongst the major lifestyle hazards that are responsible for men and women losing their fertility is smoking, which has countless other ill-effects on human health. If you are planning a pregnancy in near

11 01, 2017

All about Sexual Dysfunction

Sex is not only essential for procreation but also plays a key role in nurturing a healthy relationship. When one or both of the partners suffer from sexual dysfunction, the results may be as grave as male/female infertility and even broken relationships. Sexual dysfunction can affect both men and women and is as much a